Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 1988, La Rocca is a family owned company, farming, processing and packing the highest quality Italian and Greek olives. We supply a range of exceptional Italian varieties both available in ambient and chilled.

La Rocca is based in Rocca Massima, near Latina, in the Latium region. It is surrounded by Gaeta olive trees in an area where growing olives is almost a religion. La Rocca is BRC and IFS certified and can produce organic and Kosher products.


Olives: a long story


Olives are a symbol of the Mediterranean and a key ingredient in our cooking. In Italy there are approximately four hundred varieties, most of which differ by region. There are two great macro-categories: black and green.

In this case, the olives are left on the tree to ripen and picked in winter, between October and February.

With its fourty years of experience in the world of olives, La Rocca now offers a wide range of products that are sourced from numerous areas in Italy: Sicily, Apulia, Latium, Abruzzo … then down to the Adriatic Sea in Greece.

These olives can be processed using four different methods:

Castelvetrano, which gives a sweet and delicate taste to the olive;

Sevillian, which gives an intense and salty taste;

Natural, which allows the olives to keep their naturally strong juice, as they are freshly picked;

Baked, where the olives are dried following an ancient method then flavoured according to traditional central Italian recipes.